Planning a January Second Honeymoon

Dear Lovetripper,

I am planning a second honeymoon to celebrate our 10th anniversary this January. My wife and I didn’t get to take a real honeymoon after we married so, while this is technically a second honeymoon, it’s sort of our first! We live in upstate New York so I want to make sure we go someplace WARM! We don’t want to travel too far (so someplace like the South Pacific is definitely out.) We would like an all-inclusive resort (I think) for couples only. Can you point us in the right direction?

Thanks for your email and congratulations on your upcoming 10-year anniversary! The Caribbean is a great destination during the winter months; the island enjoy their best weather that time of year with days in the low 80s and evenings warm enough to sit outside and enjoy a romantic dinner!

Remember that some destinations commonly associated with the Caribbean, like Bermuda and the Bahamas, aren’t in the Caribbean so they don’t have the warm weather that you’ll find in the Caribbean islands. (The Bahamas are generally fairly warm but they can be impacted by cool fronts; Bermuda is generally too chilly for swimming during the winter although nice for golf.)

Within the Caribbean, you’ll find many destinations with all-inclusive resorts but some of the most popular are Jamaica, the Mexican Caribbean (Cancun and the Riviera Maya), Aruba, and the Dominican Republic. Some brands with couples-only properties are Sandals (found in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, and other locations) and Couples resorts (in Jamaica). Happy travels!

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