When to Travel to Jamaica?

Dear Lovetripper,

I’m planning a fifth anniversary getaway for my husband and myself. Our anniversary is in November; I’d like to plan the trip for sometime in that period but I’m concerned about hurricane season. Would I be better to wait until later in the year? Thanks, Susan

Dear Susan,

Thanks for your email. Technically, hurricane season extends until the end of November but, in general, it’s rare to see storms during November. (There can always be exceptions, of course, but it’s usually a pretty safe bet that you’ll have good weather in November.) The peak of hurricane season is early September and all of that month can run the risk of storms but that risk diminishes with each passing week.

One thing you can do is ask your resort for a “hurricane guarantee.” Many of the resorts in the region now offer these guarantees stating that if your trip is interrupted by a hurricane you’ll be reimbursed for your missed days.

In general, November is a great month for travel to the Caribbean because prices are great (they’ll shoot up in mid-December and remain high until mid-April), crowds are lighter, and the weather is usually wonderful! Happy travels, Paris and John

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