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Planning a Vow Renewal on a Cruise

My wife and I will be cruising on the Norwegian Dawn to Kings Wharf, Bermuda. I am in the military, am currently deployed, was deployed right before our wedding, and unexpectedly shortly after our wedding. We never got to have the beach wedding we planned, nor the honeymoon that she deserves.  So, I am trying to make that up to her by renewing our vows during our trip to Bermuda.  We booked through Vacations to Go, due to the military discount we found.  I have been doing some research and read about several different packages available. We are looking to renew our vows, have a photographer there during the ceremony and for a few other pictures, and possibly a romantic dinner/afternoon after the short ceremony.  What sort of packages are available (maybe a small romantic afternoon/meal together); could you please provide some information on what is included, destinations available, price, etc?  It will only be the two of us, and I would like to make this special for her.

Thanks for your email and congratulations on your upcoming vow renewal…it sounds like you have a very romantic trip all set up! We don’t do vow renewals (we’re just an online publication) but I’d recommend contacting the wedding office for Norwegian Cruise Line. They have a wedding/vow renewal office and can arrange vow renewals either on the ship or on the beach while they’re in port; they can arrange all the details. Vow renewals are generally very easy to arrange (much easier than a wedding) since there’s no legal paperwork. Here’s the page of Norwegian’s Romance Department:

and here’s the contact for their wedding office (the wedding office also handles vow renewals):

The Wedding Experience Coordinators from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm EST, (Monday through Friday) or call toll free: 1.800.392.3472, direct: 305.421.1280, or email us at

Happy travels!  Paris

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