Getting Married in Haiti

Hi, I wanted to get married in Haiti…I am Haitian and love the idea of getting married there but I don’t see any info on here. Is it ok to marry there? If so, what do I need and will the US recognize my marriage as legal? — from CN

Dear CN,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Non-residents can get married in Haiti; the latest information I’ve found is that you’ll need the usual documentation (birth certificates for each of you, proof of divorce or death of spouse if either of you has been married before) and also you’ll need blood tests. We always suggest talking with a local wedding coordinator (if you’ll be staying at a resort in Haiti, many larger properties have a staff member who handles all the wedding details) before your trip.

We’d also suggest talking with the Embassy of Haiti in Washington, DC. Haiti changed governments in November 2009 and we don’t know if they’ve had any change in marriage laws but the Embassy will be able to give you the most current information. Here’s their contact information:

: 202.332.4090
Fax: 202.745.7215

If your marriage is valid under the marriage laws of Haiti, the US will consider it a valid marriage. You may also have your marriage documents authenticated by the consular office for a fee of $32. You’ll find more information about that on the US State Department website.

Good luck and our very best wishes! Paris

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