Planning a Romantic Gondola Ride in Venice

We are going to visit Venice, Florence and Rome in July 2010. I want to give my wife a anniversary ring for our 25th anniversary. Do you have a romantic spot or gondola ride in Venice that I could do this on? We are staying at the Best Western Bisanzio.

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! Venice is an incredibly romantic city and you’ll find many great locations for your surprise! The Best Western Bisanzio is very near San Marco Square which is adjacent to a major gondola boarding area. The Bridge of Sighs is in this area and is considered one of the most romantic spots in the city (although it has a sad history); gondolas glide beneath it.

Some people prefer to board a gondola back in the canal areas such as near the Rialto Bridge (another romantic spot although very congested.) We boarded a gondola at the Rialto Bridge and it went through the quieter canals including a trip past Casanova’s former home. You’ll see photos from our gondola ride here.

You’ll find gondola rides that include a serenading gondolier; others provide some narration (or just let you ride in silence…it’s your choice). Your hotel concierge will be able to help you set up a gondola ride if you have special requests such as a serenading gondolier. Be sure you request a gondola just for two people (it’s more expensive but certainly more romantic than a shared gondola!) Be sure to realize that the area where you board will the be area you tour so if you board on the Grand Canal (near San Marco Square), much of the area you tour will be in that vicinity.

Happy travels!

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