Dr. Oz’s Packing Suggestions for Healthy Travel

Just last week we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” the health and wellness talk show. Dr. Oz recently hosted a special episode about the hidden health dangers of airports and motels–so we had to ask the Dr. Oz what he suggested for holiday travelers to pack to help them stay healthy:

There’s a little kit that we sort of talk to people about, and in it is the sanitizer, but you also want to have not just the alcohol sanitizer for your hands, but the wipes that go along with it. Then some people like these air purifiers that are out there now. I haven’t really gotten into those. They’re sort of like masks. I just don’t think they’re a worthwhile investment. But I certainly would carry around a small plastic cup or my own water supply, because that’s a place we often will pick up subtle little germs and don’t even realize it. If you wake up in the morning and feel a little slow, a little swollen, you probably had water poisoning more than anything else. Food poisoning is usually much more toxic for you. The other thing I’d carry around is Pepto-Bismol. It soothes the stomach, but it also is antibacterial for the stomach, so it actually helps you if you have an infection.

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Photo courtesy The Dr. Oz Show

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