Dr. Oz: Hotel Rooms and Your Health

OK, you’ve packed your bags with an idea toward staying healthy and you’ve done your best to stay germ-free on that flight. Now that you’re finally in your hotel room, what can you do to make sure you have a healthy stay? recently had the chance to chat with Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show.” Dr. Oz’s advice is easy to remember and easy to follow:

In hotels, take that bedspread off immediately. That never gets washed. It’s full of bacteria from prior clients. It’s just a practical thing to do that has no downside; put it neatly over in the corner of the room where you don’t have to touch it again.

Remember that the glasses in the bathrooms do not get sent down to the dishwasher usually, so if they’re glass, they probably have just been wiped clean with a cloth, so you might want to use a plastic cup or ask for one when you get there instead of using the glass ones that are there.

And remember, the TV remote never gets cleaned, so either put it inside of a plastic bag or bring some kind of a hand wipe to clean it off. In hospitals as well; the dirtiest place in a hospital is not the room bed, it’s not the countertop–it’s the remote control for the TV, because it’s no one’s job to clean it.

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Photo courtesy The Dr. Oz Show

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