Weddings at Castle Gwynn, Triune, Tennessee

Is it possible to get married at Castle Gwynn in Triune, TN? –contributed by N.R.

Captured in all its fairy tale beauty in Taylor Swift’s video “Love Story,” romantics have been fascinated ever since by this medieval-inspired masterpiece in Arrington-Triune, Tennessee. A private residence, weddings cannot be performed at the castle or on the immediate grounds.

However, wedding ceremonies can be conducted throughout the month of May on the grounds
across the street from the site as the area is transformed into Covington Glen for the annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival. A member of the festival’s staff reports that the following three areas are available for weddings:

1-Winter’s Fairy Garden

The winter’s fairy garden is a flat treed area surrounded by stone walls that can accommodate 25-30 people.

2-Winter’s Fairy Garden Gazebo

The decorated gazebo is a perfect area for the clergy and the wedding party while the 10-15 guests surround the gazebo.

3-Our New Special Events Area

Our New Special Events Area is an ideal location for a larger number of guests. It is situated in our tree-covered forest and more private for you and your guests and close enough to enjoy the festivities of the festival.

A number of factors determine the final cost of a wedding held on festival grounds, including the size of the wedding party, number of guests and the amount of time allotted for the nuptials.

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Photo courtesy Tennessee Renaissance Festival

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