What are the Benefits of a Private island Resort?

Dear Lovetripper,

I’m planning my honeymoon for August 2009 and have been reading about private island resorts. The places I’ve seen look great…but what’s the benefit of staying at a private island resort rather than another small resort? Thanks, Patti, Seattle, WA

Dear Patti,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Private island resorts are a popular option for honeymooners because they do have two very important assets that many honeymooners are seeking: privacy and an island setting.

Since the public isn’t allowed on the island, you’ll find a quiet atmosphere any time of the day, giving the island a home away from home setting. Private island resorts are generally small properties so the limited number of guests also keeps the mood quiet (no games of Marco Polo at the pool). Couples have the amenities of a larger hotel but their villa or cottage becomes home base rather than busy public areas. Tucked away from the mainland, there’s no traffic noise, no beach vendors. Security is almost a non-issue.

Also, the privacy afforded by this type of resort means you can ask for special extras that wouldn’t be possible at other resorts. For example, at Petit St. Vincent, a romantic private island getaway in the Grenadines, you can opt for private dinners for two anywhere on the island–you can enjoy champagne and lobster under the stars on your own white sandy beach, hammock or dock. In the photo above, honeymooners Danilo and Thais Teixeira selected the Windward Dock gazebo to celebrate their new life together.

Other private island options? A few others include Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands, Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys, Cayo Espanto in Belize.

Photo courtesy Petit St. Vincent

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