Groom’s Attire for a Vegas Wedding?

We are getting married in Las Vegas in August. My girlfriend saw a guy in a wedding magazine wearing white pants, a white shirt and a black sport coat, with a tie of course. The wedding will be fairly casual being in Vegas, plus it will be in August. Does this sound acceptable? — MB, Montana

Dear MB,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Las Vegas is a very casual city and you’ll find all types of dress are appropriate, depending on the formality of your individual ceremony. We’ve seen very traditional wedding attire at some of the hotel ceremonies and very casual wedding dress at wedding chapels as well as hotel chapels.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, realize that August will be VERY hot so the sports coat might be difficult unless it is a morning ceremony. If it’s an indoor wedding, you’ll be right in style and white pants, white shirt, and black sports coat sounds just right. Best wishes!

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