Vow Renewal in Sicily

I hope you can help me – my parents would like to renew their wedding vows (40 years!) during their stay in Taormina, Sicily this April. However, after being given sound assurance from the travel agent that this wouldn’t be a problem, they have just been told that no one can do it. They are really disappointed as you can imagine and I am trying to find out if there is anything that can be done. My parents are staying somewhere called Hotel Caiparhina, not sure if I’ve spelt that right but I believe it’s like the drink! I’ll check though if you don’t know it. They’d like to renew their vows on the 9th April (their anniversary) although I know this is a Sunday so that might be a problem especially as they are Anglican and not Catholic! Don’t think they have a venue in mind, just somewhere nice. I’d really appreciate any tips or advice.

We weren’t sure about an answer for this question so we went to the experts: Regency San Marino. We forwarded the above letter to these wedding planners based in Italy and soon had an answer:

This is Sharon Strauss Becchi, one of the senior wedding coordinators from Regency San Marino. I will be happy to answer you so you can tell her what we have to say. I will write below some information and please feel free to take from the answers what you wish to run in your mailbox section.

In fact for us it is very easy to plan a memorable renewal of vows ceremony in Sicily. I am surprised that your reader was told otherwise, but happy that I may be able to help them! Please have them contact me directly at and also check out our website to see testimonials and other information about our company.

In addition to working with Catholic priests for church weddings we also have the unique ability to have Anglican ceremonies. The ministers speak perfect English and travel all over Italy for us. We are lucky to have an exclusive relationship with these ministers which have permission from the Minister of Interior to perform religious ceremonies outside of the church – so in private locations such as villas and castles and hotels.

I would be happy to contact the hotel where your reader’s parents are staying (I think she meant the Caperina?) and see if they will allow us to set up a romantic intimate ceremony on their grounds – if not we have other beautiful possibilities as well.

Sunday April 7th is open for one of our ministers to celebrate the renewal of vows and the couple can also add their own wording and readings as well. Our renewal of vows ceremony packages start at 1300 Euros and include all of our coordination fees as well as the cost of the minister to travel and perform the ceremony in Taormina. It also includes a bouquet and boutonniere for the couple if they wish as well as a violinist for the ceremony. Additional costs would be any cost that the location asks us for to set up the ceremony on their grounds as well as any other services the couple wishes to have – such as a photographer.

I hope this information has been helpful and I hope to be able to work with your reader’s parents and make them have an anniversary to remember forever – this is one of the best parts of my job!!

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Kindest regards,

Sharon Strauss Becchi
Regency San Marino s.rl.

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