September Beach Weddings in Mexico

I am helping my daughter with some wedding plans and she is considering a barefoot beach ceremony in Mexico. Do you have any suggestions for that time of year or is it to hot and risky because of Hurricane season. Thanks for your help! — Teresa, Oregon

Happy to help! Hurricane season on the Caribbean side of Mexico runs from June 1-Nov 30 although the months of August and September are the worst. The Pacific hurricane season is just about the same time period.

However, even in September there are many years when no storms hit Mexico; it’s all just a matter of luck. The good thing is that forecasting warns of the potential for a storm days in advance.

With that in mind, if your daughter does decide on a September beach ceremony, here are some things to consider:

* in the event of bad weather, what are the ceremony venue alternatives? If she’s looking at a beach ceremony at a resort, they’ll have a bad weather contingency plan, often a restaurant, meeting space, or other indoor venue.

* Does the resort have any kind of hurricane guarantee? Many Caribbean resorts offer a hurricane guarantee which means if your trip is interrupted by a hurricane, you’ll receive compensation. (The amount varies but some, like Sandals resorts in the Caribbean, offer you a new vacation for the length of your original planned vacation, regardless of the number of days you missed due to the storm. Check with resorts in Mexico for similar guarantees.)

It is hot in Mexico in September but the coast is generally nice because of the coastal breezes. If you go further inland, such as to Chitzen Itza, it can be very toasty.

Two other items to consider for a Mexico wedding: most Mexican states require blood tests to be performed in Mexico and wedding ceremonies must be performed in Spanish. Most wedding coordinators can serve as interpreters.

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