Sandals Weddings

What do you think about the Sandals Resorts’ WeddingMoon? –Helen, Shreveport, LA

We’ve seen several Sandals weddings and they’re nice. They’re for some couples and not for other couples, depending on the type of wedding you would like.

At peak times (actually MOST times), you definitely won’t be the only couple getting married on a particular day so it’s not for couples who really want the all-day attention of a wedding coordinator or those who want lots of special details.

On the other hand, for couples who want some choices but not to be overwhelmed with choices (and don’t want to turn the wedding planning into a part-time job), the Sandals package is a good option. The free wedding is an incredible deal and you have your selection of several wedding venues at each property. The properties are beautiful and offer a very extensive all-inclusive package.

Sandals also sells a Preston Bailey wedding package (Preston Bailey has done many celebrity weddings) that has some nice touches at a reasonable price.

We’ve stayed at most of the Sandals resorts and been very happy with our stay and the all-inclusive package. Best wishes! Paris and John

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