Ideas for a Quickie Wedding

I wouldn’t say that my Fiance and I are lazy, but we are looking for the easiest way to get married. Can you recommend anywhere- possibly in Europe- where we can simply drop in and get married while on vacation with out dealing with a lot of the pre-planning of legal forms and licenses that usually accompany a typical wedding? Is there a service that might do it for us?

Most of Europe has pretty strict wedding laws that prohibit really simple ceremonies like those you’d find in Vegas. Scotland has some of the easiest wedding laws but even there you’ll need a marriage visa and have some paperwork hoops to jump through!

In the US, Gatlinburg, Tennessee is second to Las Vegas in terms of both the number of weddings and ease of ceremonies; there are many, many wedding chapels in the area that range from touristy to beautiful.

Many islands in the Caribbean have very vacation-friendly marriage laws, a few make it possible to arrive and marry on the same day. You won’t find the many wedding chapels like Vegas on any of the islands but you will find many resorts that offer wedding packages…some free for guests…and wedding coordinators to handle every detail from paperwork to wedding officiant to wedding cake. SuperClubs and Sandals both offer free wedding packages for guests (you’ll pay the marriage license fee); we’ve seen many of these weddings and they’re nice with beach settings, a small wedding cake, etc.

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