Honeymoon Trip to Snowy Area

I’ve been browsing the site…thanks for all the useful information/ideas. We are wanting to go somewhere in the snow for our honeymoon in April 2009. Not for skiing though, we are looking for a chalet/cabin with log fire and jacuzzi. We’re thinking Norway/Switzerland…possibly Iceland! Is this the sort of thing that a travel agency can sort out or is it a case of getting lucky on Google? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Regards, P and D

Hi P & D,

Thanks for your email and congratulations! You’ll find that many travel agencies have excellent staff members but make sure you ask for someone with a specialty in the region you’re interested in. Larger agencies have European, Caribbean, Mexico, cruise, etc. specialists and they’ll be able to provide you with the most current information (and they’ll have the first-hand experience to pass along their recommendations.)

In Switzerland, one very romantic mountain property we’d recommend is Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz. Unfortunately, though, the property is closed in April and May (the time between ski season and summer season). If you go in late March, you’ll enjoy the second-lowest rates of the year; if you wait until late June, you’ll find the very lowest rates of the year. Lower elevations in Switzerland will have even less snow.

Iceland has a similar low season period; April comes between ski season and summer. One benefit you’ll find is that you will find good travel deals to Iceland right now because of present economic conditions. Also, Iceland is a relatively short flight from the US so you’ll be able to make the most of your visit.

Heading the opposite direction, Canada’s Whistler is home to North America’s longest ski season so you’ll find snow lingering there into the spring. It’s a beautiful town (we visited there by train after flying into Vancouver) and this year’s ski packages extend until April 19 so you’ve got a good chance of snuggling up surround by snow there!

Happy travels! Paris and John

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