Galapagos Weddings

What tips (legal as it relates to matrimonial issues and adventuresome travel) might you share regarding getting hitched in / on the Galapagos Islands? We’re planning a trip for late June. Sounds like the blue-footed boobies would be among our bridal party. — Tina, Salt Lake City

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Galapagos would be a really neat place for a small wedding. Check out this interview on our site about Galapagos romantic travel.

The company that gave the interview sets up weddings; there are also some links on that page sites with additional wedding options. Here’s another site with some info on some locations in the Galapagos that offer weddings.

The Galapagos are part of Ecuador so we’d also recommend checking with the Ecuador Embassy for info on their marriage laws so you’ll have all the paperwork you need in plenty of time. This page lists consulate offices for Ecuador in the US:

Best wishes!! Paris and John

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