01229: Tour Advice for Cayman, Jamaica Cruise

Dear Lovetripper,

My husband and I are taking a cruise in April and visiting Grand Cayman and Jamaica. What suggestions do you have for our tours of Grand Cayman? I know my husband wants to visit Hell and also wants to snorkel. We’ve never been to either island before. We are a little worried about hassling in Jamaica. Thanks!

Thanks for your email. We’d suggest renting a taxi in Grand Cayman to take you to Hell, wait for you while you walk around and take some pictures (there’s not a lot to see there) then continue on to the turtle farm (where there is more do). If you don’t plan to snorkel at the turtle farm, you can probably budget about an hour or so at the turtle farm so the taxi driver could wait for you then take you to Seven Mile Beach and drop you off. From Seven Mile Beach, you’ll easily be able to get a taxi back to the dock from one of the hotels.

Is your cruise going into Montego Bay or Ocho Rios? If it’s your first time, we’d suggest going with a tour. There’s a lot to see at both Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. If you like history, Rose Hall plantation house in Montego Bay is very interesting; you take a guided tour of the home and it’s very relaxed (no hassling as no one can come on property that’s not on a tour.) Greenwood Great House in Montego Bay is also interesting.

In Ocho Rios, there are some nice garden areas; there’s also a very nice tour of Walkerswood Foods. It’s located on plantation grounds outside of town; they do a nice tour of the gardens then the factory. There’s a casual restaurant there and it’s nice and quiet with no hassling. We visited there in November and really enjoyed it.

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