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Bic Runga

by Grace Sydney, Entertainment Editor


Born and raised in a family with a diverse cultural background (her father is Maori and her mother Chinese) in Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island, singer/songwriter Bic Runga relies not upon her exotic lineage for musical inspiration, but rather the common thread of love to embroider a tapestry of songs dedicated to the beauty of life's quiet moments.

Critical praise for her debut CD, 1998's Drive, helped the native Kiwi to garner Album of The Year and Record of The Year in her homeland's equivalent of the Grammys, and her self-produced effort holds the record as the biggest selling local artist CD in New Zealand's history. (Coming in second for that title is none other than Bic's sister, Boh, a member of the popular New Zealand band Stellar*).

Movie goers have already heard Bic Runga 's voice featured on the "American Pie" soundtrack, and her popularity will continue to soar as she plays at venues across the globe.

Beautiful Collision

There is a sense of inner peace to be found in the work of Bic Runga, and even when her lyrics are tinged with sorrow there is always a note of hope. A standout on this followup to her award winning debut is "When I see You Smile", a song as comforting as a lover's lullaby.


Bic Runga With The Christchurch Symphony- 2003
Beautiful Collision- 2002
Together In Concert Live- 2001
Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women In Music, Volume 2- 1999
Drive- 1998