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A refrigerator magnet illustrates one of the best-known aspects of Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam's Red Light District

OK, admit it: aren't you just a little bit curious about those infamous streets of Amsterdam's Red Light District? The ones where women ply the oldest profession right in storefront windows?

Take a virtual peek into this neighborhood with our photo gallery, which includes shots of red-light windows, lots of scenes of the streets lined with sex shops and live sex shows, the Erotic Museum, coffeeshops, the Prostitute Information Center, and more. This is a neighborhood which, while frequented by many stag parties, is also couple-friendly, with lots of curious tourists and tour groups.

This photo gallery includes 24 recent photos, all captioned with information on this fascinating historic district. Simply click on the arrows of each photo to return to the previous photo, to this index page, or to move to the next photo.

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