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Hurricane Season & Your Romantic Travels

After the record-setting 2004 hurricane season and a devastating 2005 season in the US, couples might be wondering if they should book a honeymoon or romantic getaway during hurricane season.

We've traveled to the Caribbean many times during hurricane season (remember, this is technically "off season" for the islands so rates are lower) and we're happy to say that we've had to rush off due to incoming storms only twice.

Just when is hurricane season?

In the Atlantic and Caribbean, it runs from June 1 through November 30. As for Mexico, the eastern North Pacific season officially begins in May and runs through the end of November.

The worst times for hurricanes in both regions runs from late August through early October.

Why Travel During Hurricane Season?

  • you'll find the lowest rates of the year, dropping during the summer and reaching an all-time low in September. You just might be able to afford that luxury resort--or the suite--you've had your eye on. You'll also find more availability. The number of travelers is lower during this season.
  • warning systems are good. Hurricane prediction is a science and warnings come generally days in advance of a storm, allowing travelers to decide whether to leave or stay.
  • more resorts now offer hurricane guarantees. These policies (see below) offer you refunds if a hurricane hits during your stay.

Why Shouldn't We Travel During Hurricane Season?

  • If you absolutely, positively want to be sure your trip doesn't include an unwelcome one-name visitor, don't book your trip during hurricane season. The "shoulder seasons" or the months before and after low (hurricane) season are also good bargains when compared with high season (winter), if you've got an eye on the budget.
  • Also, hurricane season means rainy season. Expect more showers to pop up during humid afternoons than you'd find during drier winter months.

How Can We Avoid Hurricanes During Hurricane Season?

Book a trip outside the hurricane belt. In the Caribbean, the islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao lie south of the hurricane zone, so they're missed by almost all storms. Also, Trinidad and Tobago lie south of the path of most storms and usually don't have storm concerns.

What's a Hurricane Guarantee?

A hurricane guarantee promises compensation if your trip is interrupted by a hurricane. Check with your resort to see if they have a hurricane guarantee and what it includes.

SuperClubs offers a hurricane guarantee at some of their properties. According to the SuperClubs website, "Should a hurricane happen to strike the resort, guests at the resort will receive a reimbursement for the total value of disrupted nights. In addition, a voucher for a future stay will be issued for the same number of disrupted nights for use during the same month the following year, excluding airfare." This includes SuperClubs properties in Jamaica, The Bahamas and Curaçao but not the properties in the Dominican Republic or Brazil.

Sandals and Beaches also offer a hurricane guarantee. The Sandals and Beaches Resorts’ Blue Chip Hurricane Guarantee allows guests a free replacement vacation in the event that their stay is interrupted by a hurricane, as defined by the National Hurricane Center. “Our Blue Chip Hurricane Guarantee ensures that a Sandals or Beaches vacation is always stress-free, relaxing and rejuvenating,” said John Lynch, executive Vice President of Sales Worldwide for Unique Vacations Inc., which represents Sandals and Beaches Resorts. “The worst thing that can happen is guests will get a free vacation.” The replacement stay is for the same duration and room category as the originally booked trip and is valid for one year after the original vacation.