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Would you like to be a princess on your wedding day? There's no better way than with a castle wedding. The Louisiana Castle provides a genuine castle atmosphere for bridal parties to enjoy. Our Grace Sydney recently talked with Louisiana Castle owner Dolly Illg for her insight into castle weddings and Renaissance weddings, with tips for brides.

How would you explain the romantic ambiance that a castle setting provides for a bride and groom on their wedding day, as opposed to other venues?

The Castle offers a romantic ambiance that is unmatched by any other venue. The Castle is on ten acres that is entered by a private drive we have named Castle View Lane. The Castle can not be seen from the main highway and it is breathtaking when the bride's guests see it for the first time. Even if you have seen photos of the Castle, you really have to see it in person to appreciate it. The most romantic thing that the Castle can offer that other venues can not is the ability to spend the night. What could be more romantic than spending your wedding night in a Castle?

What special decorations at Louisiana Castle help to create the perfect wedding environment?

The Castle comes completely decorated. Our deck and gazebo in front of the Castle act as our ceremony site. The deck is decorated with ferns on columns and the gazebo and deck rails are decorated with greenery and silk flowers.

The main Ballroom is decorated with tulle and silk flowers on the windows, white linens on the tables, chair covers and bows on the chairs, center pieces on the tables, and floral arrangements are located by the food tables.

The cake table is under a crystal chandelier centered between four columns decorated with ivy, tulle, and twinkle lights.

The Throne room has King and Queen Chairs, a suit of armor, a wedding sofa, a goat's head bench, and other Castle memorabilia.

Do couples have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the property more by renting the facility for the ceremony, reception and their wedding night?

One of the main reasons many couples choose the Castle is the ability to do everything in one place. The bride and groom arrive an hour before the ceremony and don't have to leave until the next day. This allows them to relax and really enjoy their day knowing they don't have to leave. This also allows them to enjoy the entire reception instead of having to leave before their guests.

After months of planning, the reception is over before they know it. When they spend the night the bride and groom get to wander around the Castle reliving their special day. When they spend the night they get the use of the entire Castle including our deck and hot tub. A practical reason to spend the night is that you do not need limos.

Are you seeing a growing demand for Renaissance-themed weddings?

I would describe it more as a continuing demand for Renaissance-themed weddings. One of our first weddings was a Renaissance wedding. We believe there will always be Renaissance weddings because so many brides see themselves as a princess on their wedding day. If someone is planning a Renaissance wedding, where else would you have it but at the Castle.

What special touches have couples with Renaissance-themed weddings brought to their ceremony and reception at Louisiana Castle?

Some of the special touches were a bagpipe player, a harpist, a ceremony with "handfasting" and of course Renaissance clothing. One ceremony had part of the wedding party dressed as Musketeers, with the bride and groom entering the ceremony under the Musketeers crossed swords.

Do you have any advice that you would like to share with brides considering a Renaissance-themed wedding?

If someone is planning a Renaissance wedding we would recommend that they check out some of the Renaissance magazines. Some of the magazines even have special issues for Renaissance weddings. The following advice would apply to all types of weddings: don't be afraid to personalize your event. It's your day and anything that would make you day special is OK.

Louisiana Castle is located in Franklinton, Louisiana, not far from New Orleans. Has Louisiana Castle ever hosted a gothic wedding?

Although we have had several types of weddings we have never had a gothic wedding, but we would open to the idea.

What else would you like to tell our readers about Louisiana Castle?

We would also like to let your readers know that our staff is as friendly and efficient as the Castle is beautiful. Everyone at the Castle will try their best to make sure your special day goes as smoothly as possible.

We would also like to let your readers know that we are reasonably priced. We really want anyone that wants to get married at the Castle to be able to. If our prices exceed their budget we will try to work with them.

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Photos courtesy Louisiana Castle; used by permission.


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