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How the Two of You Can Be Outback Jack and Jill

For television viewers who follow Outback Jack, the reality show which takes pampered women and puts them in pursuit of a man in the middle of Australia's rugged Outback, the Outback looks like a rough and rugged destination. It is -- but, for many couples, it's also an adventure trip waiting to happen.

If you'd like to plan a romantic getaway to the Outback (and you're not worried about breaking a nail), here are a few leads to get you started:

Outback Oasis on lovetripper.com

by Eleanor S. Morris Even before Crocodile Dundee, just about everyone had heard of the Australian outback. And what a wild, adventurous place it is, what with kangaroos and wallabies, brilliant birds and platypuses, aborigine caves and deepset gorges.Although much of the outback consists of dry plains dotted with sparse vegetation, in the center of Queensland you'll find a dense green oasis, thick with lush plants and alive with an exotic assortment of birds and animals: Carnarvon Gorge, one of Australia's most magnificent parks.

Romancing Australia on lovetripper.com

Ideas for your next romantic getaway in Australia!
OUTBACK JACK puts a group of pampered city women to the test as they vie for the affections of their rugged leading man Vadim Dale. The series combines fish-out-of-water comedy with romantic adventure. (PRNewsFoto)

Australia's Rooms with A View on lovetripper.com

Romantic resorts and hotels across Australia--including many in the Outback!

Map of Australia on lovetripper.com

Lonely Planet Guide

Want to really feel like you're with Outback Jack? Grab your guy and your backpack and head out, Lonely Planet style. This mini-site covers attractions, activities, special events, and offers plenty of advice for exploring the Outback.

Honeymoon Getaways In Australia

Check out the suggested itineraries by the Australia Tourism Commission for honeymoons and romantic getaways in Australia.

Australia Postcards

Want to send you sweetie a hint that an Outback excursion might be in your future? This site has over 700 photos you can use to send free postcards online.

Planning a Trip to Australia

Check out the official site of the Australia Tourism Commission for information on everything from luxury vacations to adventure travel.

Alice Rock Tours

Check out these tours offered through our affiliate partner, Viator. You'll find desert safaris, evenings which include a barbecue dinner in the bush followed by a look at noctural animals, Ayers Rock excursions, aboriginal culture trips, and even romantic sunrise hot air balloon rides.

Ayers Rock Excursions

Offered through our affiliate partner, Viator, this page includes a full list of tours. One of the most romantic is the "Sounds of Silence," a tour that takes you out into the desert for an evening of champagne and gourmet dining beneath the stars. Tours are also available to the Ayers Rock Observatory for some serious stargazing, sunrise climbs up Ayers Rick, romantic sunset trips to Ayers Rock, and more.

Darwin Tours

Offered through our affiliate partner, Viator, these tours range from visits to Kakadu National Park to cruises on Yellow Waters (watch for crocodiles!)