Medieval, Pagan, Magical and Fantasy Weddings at PendragonDale
Interview by Grace Sydney

Looking for a unique and unforgettable wedding? Just one hour from Washington DC in the foothills of Northern Virginia, a real, working farm called PendragonDale transports brides and grooms and their lucky guests back to Medieval days. Specializing in Medieval, Pagan, Magical and Fantasy weddings, this unique venue can assist with wedding planning--and on a budget. We recently interviewed PendragonDale owner (and wedding planner) Anna for her insight on very special weddings at a very special place.

What was your inspiration for establishing Pendragondale?

For many years the only time that I felt "at home" on this earth was when I was at a Renaissance Faire. Those sights, sounds, smell of sausages grilling and incense burning, the music, dancing gypsies, galloping horses at the joust -- this was the atmosphere that felt "right" to me. In 1992 I became able to create my dream. I made PendragonDale to be an authentic Olde English or Medieval farm or fief. Now, every day is a day at the Faire for me!

Non-traditional wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. What do you feel is the attraction of a theme wedding, particularly a medieval wedding?

It may well be the whispered calling of past lives we have lived in the Celtic Isles -- or maybe, the mystique of the written word and stories of Camelot and mystical fairy folk. Most every bride wants to feel like a fairy-tale Princess on her wedding day -- and if the groom is transformed into her Knight -- so much the better!

What advice can you give to couples on a budget who are looking to incorporate medieval or fantasy touches into their ceremony?

Making the guests dress for the occasion is always difficult. One of my favorite hints: you only need to "take the modern edge off," as I put it. Expensive costumes are not mandatory. Any woman has or can borrow a peasant skirt and top. And even the men are not as difficult as you think -- start with any plain white, tan or beige shirt. Simply by pulling the shirt OUTside of the trousers and strapping a belt OVER the outside of the shirt -- helps a lot!!

Also remember -- not everyone was royalty! Many caftans or robes can transform a guest into a Monk, Peasant or Wizard.

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Photos courtesy PendragonDale



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