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High On Love at the CN Tower
Top 10 Marriage Proposals at the CN Tower

Love is in the air at the CN Tower ‘s 360 Restaurant, where romantic liaisons and marriage proposals reach new heights every year ranging from the bizarre to the sublime. The Tower is the scene for dozens of proposals a year and probably many more that staff do not know about. Millions of dollars worth of diamonds are carefully delivered, positioned and safeguarded for the right moment and there are always a multitude of tissue boxes on hand to take care of the joyful tears.

With all this experience in communicating that magical message – will you marry me? – the CN Tower has prepared its ranking of the Top Ten List of Marriage Proposals:

10. Special Delivery.
Canada Post has nothing on this service. Staff of the 360 Restaurant hand delivered a personal letter to the table of an unsuspecting bride, who found her boyfriend’s proposal written out in loving terms.
9. Champagne Surprise.
The Dom Perignon champagne bubbled jubilantly in the glass but nothing matched the glitter of the diamond engagement ring in the bottom or the smile on the prospective bride’s face.
8. Music to Put You in the Mood.
Restaurant staff are cued to play (name of song) at 9 p.m. and the prospective groom went down on bended knee to propose to a surprised but enthusiastic girlfriend.
7. A Sweet Surprise.
This dessert was even richer than most.  Its colour and design drew oohs and aahs then the engagement ring brought tears of joys.
6. A Very Special Vintage.
A pre-arranged tour of the award winning “Cellar in the Sky” at the 360 Restaurant produced more than a fine vintage wine.  One man had attached the engagement ring to the bottle pre-selected by the cellar master.

5. Your Knight in Shining Armour.
There was a hush throughout the entire restaurant when a knight arrived in a full suit of shining armour.  He strode deliberately to his girlfriend’s table, bent down onto one knee and lifted his mask to propose to a shocked and delighted bride-to-be.
4. A Little Help from the King.
First "Elvis Presley" stopped by the table in full Vegas attire to sing one of the bride-to-be’s favourite songs, I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. Then the groom-to-be capitalized on the magical moment with a bended knee proposal.  

3. Flyby Proposal.
While enjoying a delicious dinner in 360 Restaurant overlooking the spectacular sights of Toronto, a plane flew by with the message: “Marry Me Brenda”.
2. The Gorilla of Your Dreams.
Dressed in a gorilla suit, this groom-to-be strolled around the CN Tower’s observation level handing out red roses to all the ladies, including his unsuspecting girlfriend.  He then led his girl to the window and before removing his disguise, he pointed to banner on the ground that read Marry Me.
1. Sleepless in Toronto.
In a romantic version of life imitating art, the groom-to-be arranged for a teddy bear to be planted on the Sky Pod reminiscent of the bride-to-be’s favourite movie, Sleepless in Seattle. When the pair arrived, she immediately picked up bear and cried out in delight at the proposal  pinned to the bear.

“While Valentine’s brings many romantics to the Tower, this spectacular venue provides the backdrop for engagements all year round” says Neil Jones, 360 Restaurant’s Director of Food and Beverage. “And we are happy to accommodate to make the evening not only a gastronomic and vintage success but also a memory that will be cherished forever.”

Romantics also come back to the CN Tower for weddings, anniversaries, and even to renew their vows.

Book now for the season of love or to make your mark on someone’s calendar later in the year.

360 Restaurant at the CN Tower, one of Toronto’s finest restaurants, features unforgettable food combined with an outstanding revolving view of Toronto more than 1,000 feet below. Executive Chef Peter George and his staff offer market-fresh cuisine, featuring regional ingredients to ensure an incomparable culinary experience. 360 also features an award-winning wine selection of over 500 international and Canadian wines from its “cellar in the sky”. Recipient of the DiRoNA (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) award and the prestigious Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence, 360 completes one revolution in 72 minutes. Patrons enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the comfort of their table. 360 Restaurant is open daily.

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