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Weddings at the Smith Family Chapel

The wedding of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey brought the world’s attention to the Smith Family Chapel, a small stone chapel that’s part of the Riverbend Church complex in Austin, Texas. Located west of the city in the rolling hill country, the chapel is a quiet, reflective place where many couples have begun their lives together.

Located off Loop 360 just south of Lake Austin, the Chapel has an onsite wedding coordinator who assists brides and their families with all the necessary plans.

Having a Chapel Wedding

Whether you marry at the Smith Family Chapel or your hometown church, there are special considerations to take into account for a church ceremony. Be sure to ask :

* which hours may weddings be scheduled
* which hours may rehearsals be scheduled
* how early do we need to book the church
* how much of the deposit do we need to put down when booking the date
* is any portion of this deposit refundable
* may non-members be wed in the chapel
* how far in advance may nonmembers book the chapel
* how far in advance may members book the chapel
* when are rehearsals usually booked
* how long may the rehearsal run
* are there some dates when the chapel may not be booked for weddings
* how much assistance can the on-site consultant assist us
* when will the chapel be unlocked on the day of the wedding for deliveries
* what dressing rooms are available
* what policies of the church should we pass along to guests and wedding professionals such as photographers
* may my wedding dress be delivered to the chapel
* how far in advance of the wedding may the florist begin set up
* what decorative rentals are available
* what may be used to shower the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony
* does the fee include the services of an audio technician and any equipment
* how early may musicians arrive to set up and practice
* what musical restrictions are there
* what musical instruments (piano, organ) are available
* may flash photographs be taken
* may photography be taken during the ceremony
* what restrictions are there on video cameras