Nude Beach at Hedonism II

From Hedonism II Special Section

The most popular portion of the property – by far – is the nude beach. Located on the northern end of the beach, this extensive section includes a long stretch of beach, swim up bar, shallow tanning pool with a waterfall grotto, grill, and hot tub.

Photography is prohibited on the nude beach and surrounding areas.

What Goes On Here?

Activity on the nude beach varies from mild to wild, depending on the clientele. You're welcome to grab a book and a chaise and spend the day quietly but, if you choose, there's plenty of merrymaking as well. Hedonism's activity coordinators organize all sorts of activities from nude Twister to nude hula hoop contests (no kidding) to a very popular body paint competition.

Days are long along the nude beach, with guests claiming chairs shortly after breakfast, especially along the peninsula which juts from the northernmost section of the beach. Other guests opt to claim a chair alongside the always popular swimming pool, in closer proximity to Delroy's beach bar.

At sunset, expect to see many guests on the beach, watching Negril's unparalleled sunset views. At happy hour, the crowd moves to the swimming pool. If there's an afternoon shower (not uncommon in Jamaica), expect to see the massive hot tub packed.

Things quiet down by dinner time as guests return to their rooms to nap and recharge for a late night. After dinner and the evening's show, some guests hit the disco or Veronica's piano bar; others head back to the hot tub for late night partying. The nude hot tub is a center for hot and heavy action, usually starting about 11pm. The swim-up bar is open 11pm – 2 am and there’s also a self-serve fountain by the nude hot tub. Don’t venture to the nude hot tub (there are several others in the prude area) in the late night hours if you’ll be shocked by public displays of affection that can be, well, pretty affectionate...

Rooms Along the Nude Beach

The most popular (and most expensive) guest rooms overlook the nude beach. The second most sought category of rooms is nude gardenview, rooms on the nude side of the resort but without the beach view.

Note that this is a nude beach, not a clothing-optional beach. What's the difference? Nudity isn't just suggested but required on this beach (although it's not uncommon to see women in thongs.)

Packing for the Nude Beach

What should you carry with you to the nude beach?

  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.
  • Towels. You’ll find towels at the watersports desk, so don’t worry about packing those. Pick up an extra when you get towels; if you decide to have lunch at the picnic tables, it is good nude beach etiquette to sit on a towel.
  • Clothes or a wrap. Remember, this is not a nudist resort. If your room is on the “prude” side of the resort or if you think you’ll be visiting the main areas (the main dining room, main pool and waterslide, shops, etc.), you’ll need clothes.
  • Your Room key. Hedo keys come on an adjustable cord; many guys opt to wear them as some sort of bicep bracelet.
  • Money. As an all-inclusive, you don’t have much need for money unless you decide to make a run by the crafts area or shopping area. Often local fishermen sell lobsters down by the nude beach for about $8 each; you can purchase one and take it to the grill for a lavish lunch if you like.

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