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Hedonism II Special Section

Introduction: Romantic Getaways at Hedonism II

Perhaps more than any other resort in the world, Jamaica’s Hedonism II has almost a mythical reputation. You’ve heard the stories of hot tub hijinks, nude beach romps, and an atmosphere that lives up to the resort’s name.

But what’s fact and what’s fiction?

“Hedonism II allows people to come down and explore their own limits,” explains Richard Bourke, the resort’s general manager. “Maybe they’ve never gone skinny dipping and they try it.”

While Hedo can be as wild as you dare, you’ll find that there’s no pressure to do anything. Laze away the days on the beach - or participate in a poolside nude Twister game - the choice is up to you.

What is Hedo?

What the property is not -- in spite of some misconceptions -- is a nudist resort. Clothes (albeit often abbreviated versions!) are required everywhere except at the nude beach, nude pool, and nude hot tub areas.

And while most guests visit the nude beach to see what it’s all about, “we have many guests who never set foot on the nude beach,” says Bourke. “The percentage over the years has skewed to the nude beach because of the perception. Once people try the resort, they’re asking ‘What’s all the hype about?’ When you take away the nude beach, we compete with other resorts in Negril in terms of restaurants and facilities.”

And what about those stories of wife swapping and hot tub orgies? It all depends on when and where you look and when you book. Swingers groups do often book group getaways at the resort; during those weeks, you can expect to see some pretty wild behavior in the nude area, especially in the hot tub during the wee hours.

At other times, Hedonism II is as wild as the two of you want to make it. Whether that means the chance to lounge on the nude beach, wear underwear as outerwear in the disco, or just decide that you’d like to hit the dessert line before, not after, dinner, the choice is all up to you.

To learn more about what makes this resort so special – and why it boasts the Caribbean’s highest repeat guest rate, work your way through this special section, clicking the “Next Page” link to each page or visit the links at the bottom of the page.

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