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  • Birmingham Celebrities Planning a trip to Birmingham? Keep an eye out for some of these celebs who were born and/or grew up in the greater Birmingham area.
  • Birmingham For Lovers Birmingham rides the rich wooded foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, a series of ridges running northeast to southwest, giving the area dramatic topography. Couples like being in Birmingham. This is a generous city, blessed with its geographical good fortune, its stock of year round entertainment, and especially its irresistible Southernness.
  • Birmingham Cafe Has Hollywood Ties Remember the hit movie Fried Green Tomatoes? As anyone who has ever cooked or eaten fried green tomatoes knows, preparing that Southern delicacy is something of an art form.
  • Birmingham’s Off-Beat Places Please Adventurous Tourists Somewhere in the brain there must be a pleasure center that’s stimulated by the slightly eccentric, the somewhat offbeat, the more than regular. Scientists probably have a name for it. So while the Birmingham area has its share of scenic beauty, fascinating attractions and white tablecloth dining, some city experiences go beyond guidebook fare.