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Copper Canyon

Riding the Rails through Mexico’s Copper Canyon by Paris Permenter & John Bigley Copper Canyon is a remote area in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains, located west of the town of Chihuahua. Most travelers arrive here by train, on a railway than many once said could never be built. With 86 tunnels and 37 bridges, construction of the Chihuahua al Pacifico took nearly a century, traveling through some of the most rugged terrain on the continent.

Luxury Trains Tour Mexico’s Copper Canyon by Paris Permenter and John Bigley A look at the various operators who offer train tours through Mexico’s Copper Canyon.


Romantic Lodging in Moralia, Home of Mexico’s Saint for Lovers by Eleanor S. Morris Morelia, in the Mexican state of Michoacan, is the home of San Antonio, the Mexican saint of lovers. So it’s only fitting that here is a perfectly lovely romantic place to stay, the Villa Montana, with its facilities for weddings on the site.

San Antonio, Mexico’s Saint of Romance by Eleanor S. Morris Down in the beautiful Colonial city of Morelia in the state of Michoacan, you can wish for your heart’s desire, and it may even come true!


Iguala: Birthplace of the Mexican Flag of Indendence and the Resting Place of the Last Great Aztec Emperor by Eleanor S. Morris Like Betsy Ross who supposedly made the first American flag in 1776, a tailor of Iguala, Jose Magdeleno Ocampo, made the first Mexican flag, in the small town of Iguala, recognizing the independence of Mexico from Spain.


Monterrey, Mexico: Mega-City for a Quick Getaway by Eleanor S. Morris With its enormous green Gran Plaza, its Alfa Museum, its new modern art museum and markets, glass factories, churches, and the northern Mexico cuisine, Monterrey is a grand weekend getaway for a totally different Mexican experience. Monterrey is a modern industrial city and business is booming, people are prosperous–everybody seems happy and busy.


Guanajuato and Cervantes: A Love Affair With Don Quixote Among the Mines & Mummies by Eleanor S. Morris This most photogenic city on Mexico’s Colonial Circuit is built in a canyon, wedged between two rugged mountains. The city grew here in 1559 because these mountains were chock-full of silver, all mined for theenrichment of Spain. In Colonial times, Guanajuato was the silver capital of the Americas, generating nearly a third of the world’s silver.

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