Adults-Only Resorts

Yes, we know that traveling with children is a wonderful, bonding experience. However, sometimes you just want other adults around. No crying children during an elegant dinner. No Marco Polo games in the pool. No reason not to stay up all night long and watch the stars together. At least for a few days.

Adults-only resorts offer a chance for a grown-up holiday. Some adults-only resorts accept guests ages 16 and up; others require visitors to be 18 years of age.

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Moon--WeddingMoon, That is--Over the Bahamas"Would you prefer a lavender oil for relaxation or a peppermint oil for energization?" asked the masseuse in a voice as soothing as the Bahamian waves lapping just beyond the spa's doorstep. We were about to have a couples massage at Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and Spa, our two tables just far enough apart to allow the pair of masseuses to work their magic.

Romantic retreat: Sandals St. Lucia Golf Resort and Spa It's fitting that this idyllic island is home to Sandals St. Lucia Golf Resort and Spa, a couples-only all-inclusive that sprawls across 155 fertile acres on the north end of the island. Here we awoke with Caribbean sunshine streaming in the glass doors of our one bedroom suite. The light, like a gentle wake-up call, caressed the split-level room, spilling over the sitting area and edging its way up to the mahogany four-poster bed before giving us a courteous nudge.


Hedonism II: Wild and Wicked Every Thursday afternoon, maids deliver white sheets to guest rooms at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. But these sheets are not for the beds. They're for the guests to wear to dinner that night.

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II: An interview with the Author

No Tan Lines: Jamaica's Top 5 Clothing Optional Beach Resorts

Hedonism III takes hedonistic attitude to new heights: As bad as you want to be at SuperClubs' raciest new resort

SuperClubs' Hedonism III Resort Hosts World's Largest Nude Wedding on Valentine's Day


Couples Ocho Rios: A "No Problem" Wedding or Honeymoon

Couples Ocho Rios: Clothing Optional Island Offers Couples the Chance to Work on a Total Tan


Sea Mountain Inn Resort & Spa, Palm Springs, California This elegant hideaway is a favorite clothing-optional getaway for celebrities and is available for weddings.

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