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Honey, We're Home
Honeymooning in a Caribbean Villa

Picture this: your honeymoon, a time to be pampered by sensual delights in a private world the two of you create. A place where your secret desires for luxury find expression in moonlit swims in your private pool or in a nurturing massage on the deck while the sounds of gentle waves wash over your body. As the sun slips toward the sea, watch while your chef prepares a gourmet dinner, custom made to your tastes. Kick off your shoes while tantalizing smells waft from the kitchen. Ahh, home, sweet home.

It may not be your house, but it can be your honeymoon home, thanks to the Caribbean’s numerous private villas. More and more honeymooners are opting for a home away from home experience that can be as solitary and as exclusive as the two of your desire.

“The best advantage to the villa was the privacy,” recalls Ami Pinnick of her honeymoon with husband John at St. Thomas’s Rockworks villa, an intimate property overlooking the island’s north coast. “We could wake up in the morning to the sounds of the birds and the ocean, as opposed to other people out in the halls or in the room next door. If we just wanted to relax and read a book, we could do that, too. And then we were still able to make some dinner and relax without the crowds. It was our decision when we wanted to go do things.”

The villa selected by the Ohio newlyweds is one of many scattered about the US Virgin Islands. Throughout the Caribbean, honeymooners can make the perfect match with a variety of price ranges, layouts, and amenities. The villas may be different but the principle remains the same: personal choice rules.

“We're both very quiet and reserved people, and we wanted to be able to enjoy our honeymoon our own way,” says Ami. “We didn't want to feel like we had to leave the room if we wanted to enjoy ourselves, the way we would in a hotel. If we wanted to just lounge in the pool, we could do so without having other vacationers there.”

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