Fran Drescher Acts as Wedding Officiant (video)

Actress Fran Drescher, who currently stars in the TV Land comedy Happily Divorced, recently took part in the creation of a happily ever after for two pairs of lovebirds when she stepped into the role of officiant.

Having obtained a minister’s license online from the nondenominational Universal Life Church Monastery, the comedic star slipped into a noir number which she wore in the movie This is Spinal Tap to pronounce two same-sex couples loving husbands at the Out NYC Hotel.

“Even though I am Jewish, I take no offense at being a minister or called Rev. Drescher,” she said. “Love is love. I’m not a divisionist; I am a uniter.”

Dispensing wedding day words of wisdom, the star stated: “Don’t expect your partner to be everything you need in life. “Have other friendships to fill the voids. But if you have found someone who shares your values, be happy and be well.”

Photo courtesy PRWeb

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