Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses of 2011: Kate Moss

Over the course of her career Kate Moss has donned countless couture creations, but like all brides her wedding gown is the garment that holds a special place in the supermodel’s heart. Family and friends were ushered into a house of worship on July 1st to witness the woman who once ushered in the waif look make her grand entrance in an “I do” design that takes the number four spot on Lovetripper’s top 10 list of the most beautiful celebrity bridal attire of 2011.

A queen of the catwalk, Kate Moss looked regal in a John Galliano creation which paid tribute to the trends of the 1920s as a pair of Manolo Blahniks carried her down the aisle of St. Peter’s Church in Southrop. ¬†During a ceremony which ran seamlessly, glitterati guests Kelly Osbourne, Jude Law, Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney ¬†garnered a close up look at the bride’s retro wear, which included rhinestones and gold leaf embroidered embellishments on the gown’s cream-colored fabric.

Photo Credit: Amazon

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