Cate Edwards Marries

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” On October 22, 2011 the time to weep made way for a time to laugh for Cate Edwards– the daughter of the late health care activist/attorney Elizabeth Edwards and former U.S. Senator John Edwards– as she joyfully joined in marriage with the man she loves, Trevor Upham.

Escorted down the aisle of United Methodist Church by her father, the bride and groom– who became betrothed on Thanksgiving weekend 2010– exchanged vows in the presence of 150 guests and the glow of candlelight at the altar, the beams representing the warm remembrances of family members whose presence could be felt by all in attendance — the bride’s mother, health care activist/attorney Elizabeth Edwards; the bride’s brother, Wade and the groom’s late grandparents.

Following the late afternoon nuptials, the newlyweds and members of their wedding party– which included the bride’s sister Emma, who acted as maid of honor, and her brother Jack, who took on the role of groomsman– celebrated the start of the next chapter in the couple’s lives at a reception on the lawn of the Edwards estate in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the New York Times reports.

Photo Credit: ClipArt

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