Duke’s Daughter To Have Wedding at ‘Hogwarts’

Although February 14th is the traditional day to celebrate love, every day will be Valentine’s Day for Lady Katie Percy, who will say “I do” to Patrick Valentine on February 26, 2011.

The eldest daughter of the Duke of Northumberland and her financier fiance have reportedly received an invitation to the royal wedding in April, and Kate Middleton’s walk down the aisle will no doubt bring back the recent romantic memory of Lady Katie Percy’s own stroll to the altar at St. Michael’s Church in a Bruce Oldfield wedding dress after her arrival to the venue in a carriage used at the coronation of King Edward VII, Kippax Today reports.

Organ music and songs from the Galilee Choir and Carillon will provide a soundtrack to the ceremony, which is scheduled to take place at 5 pm and will be followed by a reception at the bride’s family home, Alnwick Castle– a star in its own right, having appeared on the silver screen in Elizabeth, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and in its most famous role, that of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Photo Credit: Alnwick Castle

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