Prince William, Kate Middleton Guests at Wedding

Only time will tell if Prince William and Kate Middleton will walk down the aisle, but the longtime lovebirds made significant strides toward a possible future as husband and wife as they strolled side by side on October 23, 2010 down a path which led to St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church in Northleach, Glouchestershire, England, where the pair witnessed the wedding of friend Harry Meade and his bride, Rosie Bradford.

Often avoiding the photographers’ lens by appearing separately at events, the sight of the second in line to the throne with his significant other at a maritally-minded occasion is considered a telling sign that the much anticipated announcement of an engagement may soon take place.

Although among the gathering were a number of girlfriends from the royal’s romantic past– Olivia Hunt, Rose Farquhar, and Jecca Craig– all eyes were on the woman who has captured the prince’s heart, and whose image is said will one day grace one side of a Royal Mint commemorative engagement coin which is reportedly being designed, the Daily Mail reports.

Photo by: MC/AAD/  2010  10/23/10 Prince William and Kate Middleton attend a wedding at the St. Peter and St. Paul church in Northleach. (Gloucestershire, England)  Photo via Newscom

Photo courtesy Picapp

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