Former S Club 7 Star Rachel Stevens’ Wedding

Although her years as a member of the Britpop band S Club 7 are in the past, a memory of yesterday guided singer/actress Rachel Stevens toward her future on August 2, 2009 as the melody to “I’ve Never Had A Dream Come True” began to play on the keys of a white grand piano, the music escorting her steps down the aisle to the man of her dreams, Alex Bourne. The pair have been engaged since June 2008.

According to The Sun , 184 friends and family members– including Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford– witnessed the happy couple exchange vows beneath a white gazebo at Claridges Hotel in London. The newlyweds are currently keeping their “I do” details a secret until the release of a magazine’s exclusive coverage of the event.

An archive photo of the bride from her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing:

Strictly Come Dancing Live! - Photocall

The groom as he made his way inside Claridges shortly before the commencement of the ceremony:

The Groom, Alex Bourne arriving at the Claridges Hotel where he is getting married today to Rachel Stevens - London

A close up of newlywed Rachel Stevens’ new engagement ring and wedding band:

Newlyweds Rachel Stevens and Alex Bourne come back down to earth following their lavish weekend wedding

A photo of Rachel Stevens’ engagement ring, which muggers made the singer relinquish just weeks before her wedding day. The symbol of the couple’s love has since been replaced:

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** FILE PICTURE: Rachel Stevens has been left shaken after being mugged of her diamond engagement ring and Rolex watch on her doorstep

An array of flower arrangements supplied by “Funky Flowers” were delivered to the hotel prior to the ceremony:

Wedding deliveries start arriving at the Claridges Hotel for Rachel Stevens Wedding - London

Photos courtesy Picapp

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