Limp Bizkit Vocalist Fred Durst Marries

Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst, known for bringing nu metal to the masses, is now a newlywed sporting a piece of precious metal on his ring finger. The singer, who had announced his betrothal to lady love Esther Nazarov on Twitter in April– even showing the bride-to-be’s Neil Lane engagement ring– turned to the social networking site once again on July 16, 2009 to inform his fans that he is now a married man, writing “Cheers to the universe from me and my lovely wife Esther Durst! We are now one and complete.:0).”

Music buffs had the chance to share in the singer’s happiness as the singer posted a picture of the pair drinking mojitos by the pool of a Las Vegas retreat, US magazine reported. Currently savoring their new marital status, the couple have yet to disclose details of their I do’s.

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