13009: Actor Dicky Cheung’s Wedding

News Conference For TV Series 'Plan A'

While many couples consider the sentiment”Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be” words to live by, actress Jess Zhang took the Robert Browning poem to heart on her wedding day, donning a white wig to symbolize her hope for a long and happy life with the man she loves, actor Dicky Cheung, reports.

On January 12, 2009, the bride walked down the aisle of St. Augustine’s Church in Manila, the Philippines, the hem of her ballgown skirt and her long, diaphanous veil gently brushing the red carpet which paved her way to the groom, who wore a white suit and bow tie for the occasion.

The pearls on the bride’s six-strand necklace shook as the actress tried to hold back tears of happiness which began to flow freely as the couple– whose romance began nine years ago– exchanged vows beneath the glitter of a chandelier.

Following the nuptials, a horse-drawn carriage bore the newlyweds to the Hotel Sofitel, where a fireworks displays illuminated the couple’s smiling faces during the reception.

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