104408: World’s Heaviest Man Enjoys Monterrey Wedding (video)

Formerly tipping the scales at 1,230 pounds, Manuel Uribe may be known as the former world’s heaviest man, but in the eyes of Claudia Solis–his love of the past four years– she sees only the world’s most loving heart. Having shed 550 pounds, Mr. Uribe embarked on a new chapter in his life on October 26, 2008, a fresh start symbolized by the white sheets which draped the canopy bed that has held him for the past six years and the white silk shirt he donned for his wedding day.

The bow-bedecked bed and its inhabitant made a procession through the streets of Monterrey, Mexico before the bride, clutching a bouquet of white calla lilies, strolled down the aisle of an events hall in a strapless ivory wedding dress. Pledging their love to each other, light danced on the facets of the bride’s dainty tiara as the couple, who became betrothed in 2006, were pronounced husband and wife in a civil ceremony.

Following the exchange of vows,the buoyant melodies of norteno tunes echoed throughout the reception hall as 400 friends and family members enjoyed a banquet of meat, buttered vegetables and slices of a five-tier wedding cake. Everyone, that is, except for the groom, who feasted his eyes on the sight of the woman he loves.

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