103708: Blackmore’s Night Band Members Marry (photos)

Having made beautiful music together in Blackmore’s Night since 1997, the October 5, 2008 wedding ceremony which joined guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (formerly with Deep Purple) and vocalist Candice Night offered the couple a promise of perfect harmony as they travel life’s road together as husband and wife.

Staying true to the mood of their music, the Renaissance romantics– whose renditions of medieval melodies have been performed at ancient sites around the globe– chose to pledge their troth at a venue which evokes the ambiance of another era– Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, New York, the musicians reported on their official web site.

Just as their seventh album, entitled Secret Voyage, was a melding of medieval and modern music, so the pair’s nuptials married the contemporary creation worn by the bride– a classic white wedding dress complete with a fingertip veil– with the period costumes which has become the signature look of the couple’s band.

Their ceremony complete, the newlyweds enjoyed timeless tunes during the reception, even gracing guests with their own performance as they celebrated the fruition of their 19-year love story.

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