101608: Actress Wendy Richard’s Wedding

Although actress Wendy Richard will begin the fight of her life on October 13th as her chemotherapy treatments get under way, the TV star will have a strong ally by her side–John Burns, her love of the past 13 years, who became her husband on October 10, 2008. Enjoying the day, the former EastEnders matriarch– who is best known to television viewers in the US through reruns of the Britcom Are You Being Served?— was all smiles as she waved to reporters and made her way inside the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair, London.

Hidden from view by a dove grey sweater, the Daily Mail reports that the lady of the hour wore a silver blouse paired with a tie-dye skirt for the civil ceremony, which was witnessed not only by 60 guests, including members of her soap opera family Natalie Cassidy, Perry Fenwick, Emma Barton, Joel Beckett and Todd Carty, but also by her faithful canine companion– her terrier, Lily.

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