72508: Actress Chiara Muti’s Wedding

Years ago, famed conductor Riccardo Muti stood at the altar at Sant’ Agata Maggiore in the Italian city of Ravenna and watched his bride walk down the aisle toward him. On July 14, 2008 it was the music director’s turn to take his daughter, actress Chiara Muti, by the arm and escort her down the same house of worship’s path as she embarked on her new life together with the man she loves, French classical pianist David Fray.

Looking through the diaphanous blusher of her veil, the bride smiled at the 200 guests who had gathered together to share in her happiness. Clutching a bouquet of roses and lilac-hued blossoms wrapped in ribbon, the bride walked past in a romantic off-the-shoulder gown which was created by a movie costume designer, Romagno Oggi reported.

Following the exchange of vows, a shower of rose petals christened the couple’s union as they walked hand in hand out the church door. Following a reception, the newlyweds enjoyed their first days of wedded bliss in the Seychelles.

Wedding Photo Galley

Chiara Muti and David Fray Leaving The Church

Chiara Muti with Her Father Ricardo Muti

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