71008: Romanian Soccer Star Cristian Chivu’s Wedding

As Romanian national team captain Cristian Chivu carries himself with a regal bearing on the soccer field, Prince Stirbey’s Palace was a fitting choice for the Inter Milan star’s July 6, 2008 wedding ceremony to his love of the past year, Adelina Elisei. Like the arrangements of white roses that adorned the walkway to the venue, a phalanx of photographers lined the red carpet to capture images of the approximately 1,000 invited guests who took their places inside the palace before the bride’s arrival. reported.

Her fingertip-length veil bobbing in the summer breeze, the bride made last minute adjustments to her multi-tiered Giorgio Armani wedding dress before beginning her walk toward the altar where the groom, attired in a classic black Armani suit, waited to place a wedding band on his wife’s finger to accompany her diamond solitaire engagement ring. Although the couple had already been pronounced husband and wife days before in a civil ceremony, the religious blessing of their love bound the pair’s hearts closer together.

In the following video clip, the bride and groom smile for the cameras after their civil ceremony, which was held on July 3, 2008. For a look at the couple in their Armani wedding attire, go to Lovetripper’s video section.

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