62308: Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin’s Wedding

Christening the couple’s love, rain drops showered down upon Coleen McLoughlin as she stepped aboard the yacht which bore her to soccer star Wayne Rooney, who waited at Villa Durazzo at Santa Margherita Ligure on the morning of June 12, 2008 to make her his wife. Winged cherubs painted on a ceiling fresco stared silently down at the bride as she made her entrance inside the 17th century structure, the heels of her white Christian Louboutin stilettos clinking against the floor as she walked to the Salone Degli Stucchi room. While able to accommodate up to 100 guests, only 15 friends and family members were on hand to witness the bride in her ankle-length wedding dress, its chiffon skirt paired with a pearl-studded bodice.

Although pronounced husband and wife during the 20-minute ceremony, the couple reportedly did not present each other with the wedding bands they purchased from a New York jeweler. Presumably, the bride received the symbol of devotion to accompany the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring she has worn since October 1, 2003 during the religious blessing of their union, which took place at the Church of San Michele di Pagano, located on the outskirts of Portofino. According to the Daily Mail, the 60 guests at the 900-year-old house of worship who rose in the bride’s honor as she strolled down the aisle in a Marchesa creation featuring a 25-foot train.

The newlyweds later celebrated their new marital status at the venue which originally had been marked as the site of their Catholic wedding ceremony– the La Cervara Abbey.

While a complete wrap-up of all the wedding festivities can be found in an upcoming issue of the UK version of OK! magazine, the following BBC News video offers a glimpse of the media frenzy surrounding the couple’s Italian I do’s.

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