61608: Jerry Hall Auctions Wedding Dress

As she sifts through her memories in search of anecdotal gems for her upcoming autobiography, model Jerry Hall also made the decision to release many of the ghosts of her past which lingered among her wardrobe with an auction that will not only help herself by allowing her to close previous chapters in her life, but will also benefit those less fortunate. On June 10, 2008, bidding will begin for 71 of the glamour girl’s garments at Sotheby’s Olympia in London in aid of Emmaus, a charity in aid of the homeless.

Among the array of designer dresses are two items with special sentimental significance. One, a Japanese silk kimono presented to her by former husband Mick Jagger following their 1990 nuptials. The other, an off-the-shoulder lace confection created by Antony Price, who has fitted the physiques of a diverse clientele ranging from members of Duran Duran to the Duchess of Cornwall. The frock, which she wore for a Hindu ceremony in Bali with the Rolling Stones frontman, will be presented to the highest bidder along with a wedding photo of Jagger and Hall, which captured forever the couple’s fleeting moment of happiness.

Jerry Hall Attends Auction Preview
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