60808: Jason Donovan’s Wedding

Australian star Jason Donovan received many presents for his birthday on June 1, 2008, but none were as precious as the gift of his long time love’s hand in marriage. Friends and family members, who had gathered with the intent of celebrating the former Neighbours cast member’s Big 40 on the island of Bali found themselves instead rejoicing as they witnessed the performer propose to Angela Malloch, the mother of their two children.

According to Hello magazine, which ran exclusive coverage of the nuptials, as the sun began to sink into the horizon its last rays of light provided a golden glow to a Balinese garden where the couple’s young son reverently carried his parents wedding rings down the aisle, followed by his sister in the role of bridesmaid. Wearing a periwinkle blue, full-length dress, the bride clutched a cascade bouquet as she made her way toward the altar, where the groom stood in attire native to the Indonesian island.

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