51808: Actor Jamel Debbouze’s Wedding

Actor/comedian Jamel Debbouze, whose portrayal of Lucien in the offbeat box office hit Amelie captured the collective hearts of movie buffs around the world, won the heart of the woman he loves on May 7, 2008. The cinema star walked in the footsteps of ancient French kings as he and his bride, M6 news anchor Melissa Theuriau, entered the Abbey of Vaux de Carnay, which echoed with the voice of Cernay’s mayor as passages from the Koran and the Bible were recited.

Befitting a bride deemed the most beautiful woman in the world by the French version of FHM, the television presenter, who has clasped a cascading bouquet of roses and greenery as she strolled down the aisle, donned an off-the-shoulder, gossamer gown which created an ethereal effect as she stepped out into the sunlight, which beamed as brightly as the smiles of the newlyweds as received the best wishes of family and friends.

According to the French site 20 Minutes, following the civil ceremony the lovebirds flew to Marrakesh, where they would once again proclaim their eternal devotion to one another during a three day celebration.

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