42008: Swedish Star Hannah Graaf’s Wedding

On April 5, 2008, rice rained down on newlyweds Hannah Graaf and Peter Karyd as they took their first steps as husband and wife out the door of a church in Sweden. According to Aftonbladet online, 80 guests had gathered to watch the model/singer walk down the aisle in a creation by Swedish designer Lars Wallin, whose designs have been donned by such luminaries as Lena Olin, Vanna White and Crown Princess Victoria.

Together with her sister Magdalena, Hannah Graaf topped the charts in her native country with the dance hit “You Got What I Want Baby,” and on her wedding day her sibling was once again at her side. Dressed in a strapless, sage-hued dress, Magdalena held the bride’s bouquet of ivory roses as she pledged her devotion to the groom, who had tucked a single ivory rose in the lapel of his black tuxedo.

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