23708: Former Australian Football Star Paul Licuria’s Wedding

The Carousel special events venue in Melbourne , which opened its doors for the wedding of Essedon Bombers half back flank Adam McPhee in January, welcomed Australian rules football legend Paul Licuria and his bride, Barbara Hawley, on February 15, 2008 as the newlyweds celebrated their union, the Herald Sun reports. Earlier in the day, 220 guests rose from the pews inside St. Ignatius church in Richmond, Australia as the bride made her grand entrance, clutching a bouquet of ivory, pale yellow and pink roses in her hands. Like the undulating ocean waves that would soon be their view during a five-day honeymoon stay on the island of Bali, the cascading ruffles on the skirt of the bride’s gown rippled as she walked down the aisle toward her love of the past three years, who had tucked a single ivory rose in the lapel of his black Christoper Chronis suit.

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